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PRSW Day of Training

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Date(s) - October 26
All Day

Daviess Community Hospital
1314 E Walnut St
Washington, IN 47501
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About The Event

IVFA PRSW Day of Training Announcement

The Indiana Volunteer Firefighter’s Association is pleased to announce next round of educational classes in each of our 6 PR districts across the state.  Topics have been chosen that the IVFA feel are important to maintaining a well run department, but also topics that allow the IVFA to offer these classes free of charge to all public safety agencies across the state.

Class date:             October 26th, 2019    **all times are Eastern Time**

Location:    Daviess Community Hospital 1314 E Walnut St. Washington IN

            Classes to choose from:

Class #1—Instructor Update— {8:00am – Noon}

This class is brought to you by IDHS—Fire Training

This In-Service will discuss the trends and questions that every Indiana instructor faces while preparing, conducting, or testing for a course.

This opportunity will qualify for 4 hours of continued education hours.

Class #2—Image Trend:  Setup and Introduction—{8:00am – Noon}

This class is brought to you by IDHS and IVFA

**Students need to bring a laptop computer so you can get on the Image Trend website**

This class is designed for departments that have never been setup in Image Trend, or have not started entering runs in the system.  IDHS Staff will review the steps to get setup in Image Trend (Please have current roster information, including PSID numbers for all members, and information on each station and apparatus); and how to enter information needed in the incident section.

Class #3—Scenario-Based Fire Tactics—{8:00am-Noon}

This class is brought to you by IVFA

You have your Mandatory training and are now starting to make runs.  But what is it that you are supposed to do when you get on scene…and why is it that we need to do them?  This class will discuss the many different functions that we do before, during and after we get on scene of all types of incidents.  We will briefly talk about the types of apparatus needed to do these functions.  And we end with scenarios that will put all of this together.  Great class for cadets, but good experience for more veteran firefighters.

Class #4—Chief Officer Leadership Seminar—{12:30pm – 3:00pm}

This class is brought to you by the IVFA

This class will be broken down into 20-30 minute segments on various topics that chief level officers have to deal with.  Possible topics include:  the importance of a signed contract, the fire department / trustee relationship, fire department insurance coverages, fire territories and districts, fire department billing best practices.

Class #5—Aircraft Emergencies for Rural Departments—{12:30pm – 3:00pm}

This class is brought to you by the Evansville Regional Airport Public Safety Department

This class is designed to help rural departments prepare for incidents involving aircraft.  Whether it is the dusters flying over the crops, the local pilots out for an afternoon flight, medical choppers responding to incidents, or commercial airliners taking passengers to their next destination; we all have planes and helicopters that fly over our response area every day.  These incidents require some special training to keep responders safe and allow them to assist victims involved.

Class #6—Image Trend for Current Users—{12:30pm – 3:00pm}

This class is brought to you by IDHS and IVFA

**Students need to bring a laptop computer so you can get on the Image Trend website**

This class is designed for departments that have started entering data, but are not that comfortable yet; and for users that are ready to start using the other components in Image Trend.  IDHS Staff will take you thru each section and show you what each does.  We will concentrate on the fire data entry side, so departments that are required to submit EMS transport data may not see everything they need to.  We will also show how to get reports out from your data.

Please RSVP by returning the information below to Steve Anderson at email or text (812) – 480 – 5014 if you plan on attending the training session.