We hope you are looking at this after having received by mail your department copy of the cost savings study commissioned by your IVFA to answer the often ask but until now never answered question, what do we as volunteers bring to our communities in addition to the services we provide?

In the appendices included in the report, it breaks down the increase by IVFA Districts, State Legislative Districts, Indiana Economic Districts, and by each individual township.

To find your saving for your service first look at your IVFA District, and then seek out Your Township followed by the County your Township is in. That line will show you information about how they (American Economics Group, Inc.) came up with the total savings with in our state of $4.5 Billion by the services you the volunteers provide.

Yes you have a reason to be proud; proud of your service and proud of the savings because of your service The IVFA thanks you for both.

If you have questions regarding the information in this document you can reach out to your District Chairman, your Public Relations Director, or any State officer all whom can be found in your quarterly newspaper or on this website.