Welcome IVFA Members to a New Year 2021.

When you think things can't get any worse guess what (in my opinion). I think sometimes we are better off to leave the TV off and our stress levels won't be near as high and just take care our families, friends and our Communities and make sure everyone stays safe. Get well soon Ron.

The COVID-19 Virus struck home real close with the passing of Peggy's sister-in-law before Christmas and I know a lot of you have experienced the same. Our hearts and prayers go out to those families that have lost friends and family to the COVID-19 Virus. Were thinking of ya Phil. The COVID-19 Vaccine is available it's free of charge, you do have to schedule an appointment for your shots the IVFA forwarded that info to you from the Fire Marshals Office.

We have finished the Purdue Global Education and it should have been kicked off by this time. Also don't forget about the IVY TECH two year program. I know we are behind with pins and Gold cards and several things but hang in there as the Virus clears up some more. We will get caught up when possible. Hey Bill don't forget to look both ways Ron will be back.

Please nominate individuals for our Awards that are posted on the IVFA web site. Hopefully? we can have a Convention this year at Clarksville June 9-12 I think, and we will get caught up on 2020 and 2021 Awards. Pretty sure we will not be doing our 50 year Member Awards program at the State House this year but we are going to try and do something special for them.

Please watch your emails Legislation is in full swing they are coming after Twp Government again, please watch our Legislative updates on the IVFA web site. Please watch the Bills and read them and let us know if we need to add any of them to our Bill watch list. There are so many Bills it's hard to watch all of them so please help us out.

Everyone be safe and stay safe.
If you need something give me a call.
See you at the next District Meeting

David R.Israel