While writing what will be my last article as the President of our Association I have so many things to say. But foremost and most importantly; thank you! Thanks to everyone over the last three years who has supported, advised, and been there for me during my term. Thank you to the membership that afforded me the honor of serving as your President. I will say there is a lot involved in this position especially those things that happen behind the curtain that they don’t tell you about when you run for this office. However every last minute is worth it if it makes a better fire service for our members.
Over the last three years I would like to think we have improved a lot of things within our association and the Indiana fire service and it has all been worth it. I have truly enjoyed every visit, conversation, and the hospitality I have been extended during my term. One goal I had was to try and bring us closer to modern operation as an association and by adding the 10 year pin, improving our PR equipment and image, and updating our website I truly believe we are defiantly on the right track to accomplishing it!
I look forward to seeing you all again at the next meeting, convention, or event and as always if you should ever need anything please let me know.
Paul Holcomb
President, IVFA