On Tuesday, February 12 2019 HB 1650 was presented for 3rd reading (meaning the last vote for this bill to be passed out of the House) and after much hard work from five organizations banding together


Indiana Township Association

Indiana Association of Counties

Indiana Farm Bureau

Indiana Volunteer Firefighters Association

Indiana Fire Chiefs Association

and with the help of many of our members the bill was soundly defeated by a vote of


Yea 18

Nay 75

Excused 6

Not Voting 1

The result of this defeat is truly from you and your contact with your Indiana State Representative.


Your voices was heard and made the difference

To see the vote results click on the attached PDF

If you sent a note to your Representative and they voted no on this bill please send them a Thank You note. Just a very short Thank You for your NO vote on HB 1650, it could very well help us in the future.

The name and contact information of your State Representative can be found using this link:

Find Your Legislator

Note: When using this link, clink on the name of your legislator and then on “send an email” to get to a third page where you can send an email.

If you know your State Representative, feel free to call them instead.

Here is a link to the text of the bill:

House Bill HB1650

Any questions feel free to reach out to me
Larry Curl @ 317-605-6669