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MacQueen Excellence Award Nomination

The IVFA District Awards was originally started around 1975 by Midwest Fire and Safety Equipment Company. At that time the Award was called the Midwest Award.

In April of 2006 Global Emergency Products purchased the Midwest Fire Company and the award was renamed the Global Award.

In 2019, MacQueen Emergency purchased Global Emergency Products and the award was renamed the MacQueen Excellence Award.

  • There is one (1) MacQueen Excellence Award given out to each IVFA District to anyone that has made a difference in their Community and or Fire Department to help promote the betterment of the Fire Service in their Community.
  • The Award may be presented at a District Meeting, and if possible a member of MacQueen Emergency shall be present and should be recognized.
  • The responsibility of participation in this award is the choice of each individual district, and each District shall choose the recipient of this award as they see fit. This Award does not have to be given each year.
  • The Vice President shall see that the plaques are inscribed and delivered to each District involved for presentation. All plaques shall bear the donors name in a small and inconspicuous manner in the lower portion of the plaque.
  • All plaques should be presented in the three month period from June thru August.

Nominations must be submitted by February 1. District Chairmen shall turn in their district's recipient to the Vice President at the February IVFA Quarterly Meeting.

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