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Miriam A. Schaekel Award

Meritorious Service Award is awarded to a member of the Indiana Volunteer Firefighter's Association Ladies Auxiliary, for having set him or herself apart from his/her comrades by outstanding achievement or service to the Association.

It is named in honor of Miriam A. Schaekel, who served as the Auxiliary's Sergeant-of-Arms for over 30 Years. Her dedication to the betterment of the Ladies Auxiliary Association was unwavering. She performed her duties most honorably and efficiently with a smile and the good of the Association always in the forefront.

  • This award shall consist of an 8" Crystal-like flame, on a solid wood platform inscribed with the recipient's name and the year in which the award was presented.
  • It shall be awarded at the annual convention of the Indiana Volunteer Firefighter's Association, held in the month of June each year.
  • The selection committee shall consist of the last three (3) recipients of the award.  If this is not possible, the President of the Indiana Volunteer Firefighter's Ladies Auxiliary shall appoint a member to any openings not filled by recipients.
  • Members may complete the nomination form on this site (link below) or submit an original handwritten letter of nomination (no copies please) postmarked no later than the first day of February each year, to the last three recipients of the award.

With the permission of the Indiana Volunteer Firefighter's Association Auxiliary, this award will be sponsored each year by: Buz and Carol Koehler, Larry and Lou Bartlow.

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Past Winners

Joann Hays, IVFAA Chaplain
Sharon Wright
Suzie Lewis
Barb Kerney
Joyce Nevil
Martha Thomas
Phyliss Vargo
Eula Bush
Pam Gerdowsky