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Well, we survived the first half of the 121st Indiana General Assembly with out too many scraps and bruises and Monday March 4th we will start all over again with bills that survived the first half and with more intensity as we move toward the end of the session.


I will again be asking all of you from time to time to contact your members of the General Assembly when a bill is reaching committee or second Reading time. Please watch for those notifications and again please contact your Senate or House members and let them know the importance of the bill.


Monday, February 25, 2019 Last day for 3rd reading of House bills in House (House Rules 147.1 & 2.1).


Tuesday, February 26, 2019 Last day for 3rd reading of Senate bills in Senate (Senate Rule 79(a), subject to Senate Rule 88(b)).


Senate and House bills that failed to obtain a positive third reading vote by Midterm deadline are now considered as dead bill for the 121st session of the Indiana General Session


If you want to look at all the bills filed this session click on link below that says Indiana Bill Watch 2019 The bills that show up in blue are live and those in Grey are dead.


To view our new “bill watch” list go to the link below marked Weekly Bill Track this will show our new bill list that we will be tracking beginning Monday March 4th.  This list of bills will begin the process all over again with, Senate Bill having moved to the House and House Bills moved to the Senate


Of particular interest will be


HB1064 IVY TECH COMMUNITY COLLEGE. (FRYE R) Establishes the Ivy Tech Community College public safety officer scholarship program. Provides that a public safety officer may be eligible for a scholarship for educational costs of completing a certificate program or associate degree program at Ivy Tech Community College. Establishes the Ivy Tech public safety scholarship fund.
Current Status:    2/27/2019 - Referred to Senate Appropriations


HB1177 TOWNSHIP GOVERNMENT ISSUES. (ZIEMKE C) Requires a township to prepare a capital improvement plan for the ensuing three years if the balance in certain capital improvement funds in the preceding year exceeds 150% of the township's annual budget estimate. Prohibits the township from collecting property taxes for certain capital improvement funds in the ensuing year unless the township has adopted a capital improvement plan. Requires the legislative council to assign to the appropriate interim study committee the study of: (1) the level of preparedness of volunteer fire departments; and (2) whether volunteer fire departments have the necessary resources to perform their duties. Allows a township to make a one time transfer of an excess balance or part of an excess balance between township funds. Provides that the transfer may not be completed until after the township adopts a capital improvement plan, if the township is required to adopt a capital improvement plan. Requires the transfers must be completed not later than December 31, 2020. Provides that if an eligible municipality petitions an adjacent township to accept the transfer of the territory of the eligible municipality that is within the transferor township, the legislative body of the adjacent township must accept transfer of the territory of an eligible municipality within two years (instead of one year) after the legislative body receives the petition. Repeals a provision that prohibits the transfer of territory from taking effect in the year before a federal decennial census is conducted.
Current Status:    2/27/2019 - Referred to Senate Local Government



SB248 DISTRIBUTIONS OF PUBLIC SAFETY INCOME TAX REVENUE. (NIEMEYER R) Requires the distribution of public safety local income tax revenues to a township that provides fire protection or emergency medical services (other than a township in Marion County). Permits a qualified fire protection territory and a qualified fire protection district (other than in Marion County) to be eligible to receive distributions of public safety local income tax revenues.
Current Status:    2/26/2019 - Referred to House Ways and Means


Check back often on our Legislative page for updates and to see what bills have been filed and what bills will be added to the IVFA Bill Watch list.

We will be calling on you to reach out to your House and or Senate Member during this session to make calls, sent emails, talk with them about legislation that we need support for or a vote against.

It truly makes a difference in the outcome of legislation on behalf of the IVFA, our membership and those we serve.

To follow this session of the Indiana General Assembly, to see what bills have been filed and being tracked by the IVFA click on the tab marked Weekly Bill Track.

Your comments and input are welcome. Email, text, call Larry Curl (contact information below.)

Visit this site and this page often as things change daily throughout each session as the bills in which the IVFA is working and monitoring is being heard, altered, and voted on.

  • To find out who your State Representative or Senators are please visit Find Your Legislator
  • To track the bills as the session begins, go to Weekly Bill Track
  • To view the entire content of a bill or all legislators who have sponsored a bill click on Indiana Bill Watch.
  • To keep us informed / updated of your contact information to receive legislative updates via a text message go to the I Am Responding page and complete the form.

Please continue to fill out the I Am Responding contact information sheets as we are still building out our database and will use it during this legislative session as a means of reaching out to you with updates, information, and requests for your assistance.

If I can help with Questions, Concerns, or legislative issues please I am just a phone call or email away. Hope to see you at your District Meetings and at the Annual Meeting.

Lastly I invite you to join me any time you are in Indianapolis during the session and I will try to get you a visit with your State Representative and State Senator.

Larry Curl
IVFA Lobbyist/Member

If you have any questions, comments, or input on the legislation that we (IVFA) is watching or any bill on the State Bill watch list please reach out to me

317-605-6669 (cell)