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Legislative 2020-21

The Second Half


Indiana's 122nd General Assembly

March 11, 2021

Following a long fast paced and very different style of session and a much needed short mid-term break the session is off and running once again.

During the first half we put some 17 bills on our daily watch list, meaning these were the bills that including language that would have an impact on our service, our delivery, or the outcome to our customers, our citizens.

We carefully monitored all committee hearings where any of these bills were being head and even testified for or against many of them.

By the beginning of the second half we were able to reduce our watch list from 17 to seven, meaning 10 of the original bills either did not get a committee hearing, did not get a favorable majority yes vote, or was defeated in the House or Senate session.

So what's left; as stated we are watching 7 bills all of which can be found on our website under the Weekly Bill Watch or if you attend your District Meetings often legislation will be discussed there as well.

We should be wrapping up the 122nd Session of the Indiana General Assembly by mid to late April and hopefully we will have some bills that will move to the governors desk for signature and become law.

To view and monitor the progress of the IVFA watched bills visit our “bill watch” list by going to the WEEKLY BILL WATCH as it will show the weekly status of the bills left.

Check back often for updates as bills change from day to day as they are read on the chamber floors (both House and Senate), or as they are working their way through committee hearings.

We may again be calling on you during the second half to reach out to your House and or Senate Member as we did during the first half of this session to make calls, sent emails, talk with them about legislation that we either support or oppose. This process truly makes a difference in the outcome of legislation on behalf of the IVFA, our membership and those we serve.

Your comments and input are always welcome. You can email, text, call Larry Curl (contact information below.)

Visit this site and this page often as things change daily throughout each session as the bills in which the IVFA is working and monitoring are being heard, altered, and voted on.

Please continue to fill out the I Am Responding contact information sheets and email them to the IVFA as we are still building out our database and will use it during the second half of the session as a means of reaching out to you with updates, information, and requests for your assistance.

To find out who your State Representative or Senators are please visit Find Your Legislator.

If I can help with questions, concerns, or legislative issues please I am just a phone call or email away.

Larry Curl
IVFA Lobbyist/Member

317-605-6669 (cell)