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Welcome to the 123rd Indiana General Assembly 

Second Half Update

  Monday, March 6th began the second half of the 123rd Indiana General Assembly

Monday March 6th after a few days break at the midway point of this year's session it's full steam ahead, We are still looking at legislation on behalf or the IVFA addressing issues that will cover: funding, staffing, and training at a minimum.

To view and monitor the progress of the IVFA watched bills visit our updated “bill watch” list by going to the WEEKLY BILL WATCH as it will show the weekly status of the bills we are still watching.

After the fist half we are watching those bills that address our concerns and have eliminated the many that did not get a final favorable vote in either chamber before the break. In the beginning we were monitoring over 30 bills that had some impact on Public Safety and now we are able to report our bill watch list has dropped to just over 10.

Check back often for updates as bills change from day to day as they are read on the chamber floors (both House and Senate), or as they are working their way through committee hearings.

We may again be calling on you during the second half of the session to reach out to your House and / or Senate Member should we need your voice to either support or oppose a bill being heard. This process truly makes a difference in the outcome of legislation on behalf of the IVFA, our membership and those we serve.

Your comments and input are always welcome. You can email, text, call Larry Curl (contact information below.)

Visit this site and this page often as things change daily throughout each session as the bills in which the IVFA is working and monitoring are being heard, altered, and voted on.

Please don’t forget fill out the I Am Responding contact information sheet if you have not already done so of if your information has changed since you last filled it out and email it to the IVFA as we are still building out our database and will use it during the session as a means of reaching out to you with updates, information, and requests for your assistance.

To find out who your State Representative or Senators are please visit Find Your Legislator.

If I can help with questions, concerns, or legislative issues please I am just a phone call, text or email away.

I invite any of you to join me at the State House should you have a free day and want to see the process. To assure you are seeing the true business of our General Assembly and or possible meet your legislators it's best if you will contact me a few days ahead (not required just better to assure they are meeting) and we can see what their calendar looks like on the day you wish to visit.

As well we will once again be honoring our newest Life Time members and their families this year at the State House on April 3rd. All 86 have been sent letters inviting them to attend a celebration in their honor as a resolution is read recognizing them for their service to their community, their department and the State of Indiana. We encourage members of their departments to join us as well. (RSVP to Larry Curl if you will be attending so we can assure our food count is adequate)

 Again contact me via Cell, Email, or text.

Larry Curl
IVFA Lobbyist/Member

317-605-6669 (cell)