Happy New Year everyone, hope 2020 is a good year for all of us.

 We have worked hard to bring new things to our Members. The IVY TECH Public Safety Scholarship Program a tool to bring new younger members into the ranks. If we all don’t market it, it won’t help us on recruiting need help contact us.  Check out the IVFA web site at ivfa.org click on the IVY TECH tab for more information.  You might also want to check out Next Level Jobs web site for training.

 We are working on the cost savings that Volunteer Fire Departments save our State and Communities.

It was brought to my attention some confusion (students needing questions read to them how to get this done) on testing with students that have IEP. IDHS is ADA compliant. There is a process for this to happen. Contact the Course Administrator Fire Certification Supervisor at (317) 232-2222 or email dsaine@dhs.gov/dhs they can help you.

 Supporting Hero’s Gala February 29, 2020, go to the Supporting Hero’s Gala web site and make plans to attend this is a very moving Celebration.

 Better wrap this up if you need something Contact us. Hey Bill, tell Ron to slow it down a little those repairs are expensive.

 Be safe hope to see you at the next District Meeting.


David Israel