Aiming to foster and promote unity and harmony among volunteer fire departments throughout Indiana


2018 Committees and Members

Executive Committee: Chairman Paul Holcomb, David Israel, Leighanne Ellis, Luke Kluender, and Steve Anderson.

Angel Award: Chairman Diane Harrison, Tammy Smith, Tracey Pfaff, Kylie Corwin-Armstrong, and Jeanne Daunhauer.

Audit: Chairman Steve Anderson, Larry Ketchem, Jeff Biehl, Jack Giles, and Luke Kluender.

Awards: Chairman Dave Israel, Steve Nolan, Luke Kluender, Larry Bartlow, Brent Bush, Jack Zeeks, Jerry Sprague, John Ray, Mike Dzuba, and Bobby Brown.

Bridgeport: Chairman Richard Glant, Paul Holcomb, Dave Israel, Steve Anderson, Luke Kluender, Dave Elick, Ed Scheele, and Jack Zeeks.

By-Laws and SOG's: Chairman Larry Bartlow, Leighanne Ellis, Dave Elick, Jim Parker, Jack Kerney, Paul Watland, Elton Schafer, Jerry Sprague, Anthony McClure, and Stephen Macke.

Clothing Claims: Chairman Lloyd Wright, Brent Bush, Larry Ketchem, Ed Scheele, Bob Uryga, John Grolich, Jeff Biehl , Sam Emery, and Lewis Watson.

Convention: Chairman David Israel, Jean Smith, Jack Kerney, Luke Kluender, Sam Bisel, Ross Emery, Bobby Brown, Lewis Watson, Stephen Macke, and John Ray.

Credentials: Chairman Leighanne Ellis, Diane Harrison, Jack Kerney, Larry Bartlow, Jean Smith, and Ed Scheele.

EMS: Chairman Jerry Liston, Don Cushman, Richard Glant, Mike Dzuba, Bob Uryga, Paul Watland, Anthony McClure, Ross Emery, Rick Cannon and Trauma Rep Tim Smith.

Legislation: Chairman Buz Koehler, David Israel, Luke Kluender, Jim Parker, Don Cushman, Jack Kerney, Elton Schaefer, Jerry Liston, Joe DeKemper, and Lobbyist Larry Curl.

LODD: Chairman Dave Elick, Paul Holcomb, Jack Zeeks, Jack Kerney, Rick Cannon, Pete Taylor, and Ed Gerdowski.

Logo: Chairman Joe DeKemper, Elton Schaefer, Jack Giles, Anthony McClure, and Josh Reisert.

Membership and Marketing: Chairman Leighanne Ellis, Jean Smith, Jeremy Reef, Steve Nolan, Ed Scheele, Tim Deckard, Paul Watland, Lloyd Wright, Pacal Moon, Sam Emery, Jack Giles, and John Ray.

Mileage: Chairman Luke Kluender, Bev Harker, Buz Koehler, Jim Parker, Richard Glant, Don Cushman and Jeremy Reef.

Mr. IVFA: Sam Emery, Ed Gerdowski, Jean Smith, Richard Glant, and Larry Bartlow.

Newspaper: Chairman Buz Koehler, Don Cushman, John Daviess, Randy Denton, Rick Cannon, Bobby Brown, Marshall Neese, Sam Bisel, and Pacal Moon.

Nominating: Chairman Jack Zeeks, Don Cushman, and Ed Scheele.

Parliamentary: Chairman Jack Zeeks, Steve Nolan, and Sam Bisel.

Public Relations and Education: Chairman Steve Nolan, Brent Bush, Don Cushman, Ed Scheele, Jack Zeeks, Bob Uryga, John Grolich, Randy Denton, Pete Taylor, Mike Dzuba, Rick Cannon, and Carol Thrawley.

Social Media and Website: Chairman Josh Reisert, David Israel, Jeremy Reef, Jean Smith, Randy Denton, Mike Dzuba, Ross Emery, and Larry Curl.

Special Projects: Chairman Buz Koehler, Steve Anderson, Dave Elick, Jeremy Reef, Larry Bartlow, Larry Ketchem, Marshall Neese, Jeff Biehl, Jerry Liston, and Josh Reisert.

Training: Chairman Steve Anderson, Brent Bush, Jack Kerney, Larry Bartlow, Steve Nolan, Marshall Neese, Pacal Moon, John Grolich, Jack Giles, Lloyd Wright, John Ray, and Stephen Macke.

Younger Membership: Chairman Jerry Sprague, Leighanne Ellis, Dave Elick, Buz Koehler, Jean Smith, Jeremy Reef, Sam Bisel, Lewis Watson, Pete Taylor, Jeff Biehl, Sam Emery, Bobby Brown, and Josh Reisert.