Aiming to foster and promote unity and harmony among volunteer fire departments throughout Indiana


2020 Committees and Members

Executive Committee: Chairman David Israel, Jerry Liston, Leighanne Ellis, Luke Kluender, and Paul Holcomb.

Angel Award: Chairman Diane Harrison, Tammy Smith, Tracey Pfaff, Kylie Corwin-Armstrong, Jeanne Daunhauer, and Leona Uryga.

Audit: Chairman Paul Holcomb, Steve Anderson, Jeff Biehl, Jason Ryan, and Luke Kluender.

Awards: Chairman Jerry Liston, Steve Nolan, Luke Kluender, Larry Bartlow, Brent Bush, Jack Zeeks, Jerry Sprague, John Ray, Don Cushman, and Tammy Wright.

Bridgeport: Chairman Richard Glant, Paul Holcomb, Ross Emery, Jerry Liston, Luke Kluender, Ed Gerdowsky, Ed Scheele, and Jack Zeeks.

By-Laws and SOG's: Chairman Larry Bartlow, Paul Holcomb, Steve Anderson, Leighanne Ellis, Ed Gerdowsky, Jim Parker, Jack Kerney, Paul Watland, Jerry Sprague, Elton Schaefer, and Larry Curl.

Clothing Claims: Chairman John Grolich, Brent Bush, Larry Ketchem, Ed Scheele, Bob Uryga, Sam Emery, Rex Maynard, and Lewis Watson.

Convention: Chairman David Israel, Paul Holcomb, Jean Smith, Jack Kerney, Luke Kluender, Sam Bisel, Ross Emery, Heather McGlocklin, Lewis Watson, John Ray, and Josh Reisert.

Credentials: Chairman Leighanne Ellis, Diane Harrison, Jack Kerney, Larry Bartlow, Jean Smith, and Ed Scheele.

EMS: Chairman Jerry Liston, Don Cushman, John Gott, Richard Glant, Jason Greene, Bob Uryga, Paul Watland, Ross Emery, Scott Butrum, Heather McGlocklin, and Trauma Rep Tim Smith.

Legislation: Chairman Buz Koehler, David Israel, Luke Kluender, Jim Parker, Jean Smith, Jack Kerney, Elton Schaefer, Jerry Liston, John Smith,  John Gott, Josh Reisert, and Lobbyist Larry Curl.

LODD: Chairman Ed Gerdowsky, Paul Holcomb, Jack Zeeks, Jack Kerney, Rick Cannon, and Pete Taylor.

Logo: Chairman John Smith, Ben Sieverding, Pacal Moon, Rex Maynard, and Pete Taylor.

Membership and Marketing: Chairman Sam Bisel, Leighanne Ellis, Jean Smith, Jeremy Reef, Steve Nolan, Ed Scheele, Jerry Sprague, Tim Deckard, Paul Watland, Paul E. Smith, Pacal Moon, Sam Emery, Jason Ryan, and John Ray.

Mileage: Chairman Luke Kluender, Bev Harker, Buz Koehler, Jim Parker, Richard Glant, Don Cushman, and Jeremy Reef.

Mr. IVFA: Chairman Ed Gerdowsky, Sam Emery, Loyd Wright, Larry Curl, and Brent Bush.

Newspaper: Chairman Buz Koehler, Don Cushman, Paul E. Smith, Randy Denton, Rick Cannon, Heather McGlocklin, Marshall Neese, Sam Bisel, John Smith, and Jason Ryan.

Nominating: Chairman Jack Zeeks, Don Cushman, and Ed Scheele.

Parliamentary: Chairman Jack Zeeks, Steve Nolan, and Sam Bisel.

Public Relations and Education: Chairman Steve Nolan, Brent Bush, Don Cushman, Ed Scheele, Jack Zeeks, Bob Uryga, John Grolich, Randy Denton, Pete Taylor, Jason Greene, and Rick Cannon.

Social Media and Website: Chairman Josh Reisert, David Israel, Paul Holcomb, Steve Anderson Jeremy Reef, Jean Smith, Randy Denton, Jason Greene, Ross Emery, and Larry Curl.

Special Projects: Chairman Buz Koehler, Steve Anderson, Ed Gerdowsky, Jeremy Reef, Larry Bartlow, Larry Ketchem, Marshall Neese, Jeff Biehl, Rex Maynard, Ben Sieverding, John Gott, and Scott Butrum

Training: Chairman Steve Anderson, Brent Bush, Jack Kerney, Larry Bartlow, Steve Nolan, Marshall Neese, Elton Shafer, John Grolich, Jason Ryan, Paul E. Smith, John Ray, John Smith, and Ben Sieverding.

Younger Membership: Chairman Jerry Sprague, Leighanne Ellis, Ed Gerdowsky, Buz Koehler, Jean Smith, Jeremy Reef, Sam Bisel, Lewis Watson, Pete Taylor, Jeff Biehl, Sam Emery, Pacal Moon, and Rick Cannon.