Aiming to foster and promote unity and harmony among volunteer fire departments throughout Indiana

Junior Firefighter Award


  • Actively involved in an organized Junior Firefighter program or Cadet program.
  • Department must be a paid department of the Indiana Volunteer Firefighter's Association.
  • Must be between the ages of 14 and 21.
  • Must be a high school graduate, attending high school or attending a school of higher learning, or received a GED.
  • Application (link below) or letters of recommendation must be received in the office of the IVFA by February 1.
  • Award will be presented at the IVFA Convention held in June.
  • The award will be judged by the Awards Committee and will be overseen by Jack Kerney for the first three years.
  • Award will be donated and presented by Jack & Barbara Kerney.
  • The award will be a large gold speaking trumpet with a green cord mounted on a walnut base.

Selection Criteria

  • Level of training the participant has achieved.
  • Number of years in Junior Firefighter program.
  • Duties the participant has been assigned to and participated in.
  • Number of hours the participant has accumulated in training, fire prevention, fund raiser, etc. (list all that apply with number of hours)
  • Letters of reference. (church, school, other organizations)
  • Outside activities (church, school, other organizations)
  • Family and school background.
  • Career field the participant would like to follow.
  • Any other pertinent information that would be useful.
  • In your own words state why you feel you should be selected as the Junior Firefighter of the year.

Click here to apply for the IVFA Junior Firefighter Award.

Past Winners

Justin Baker
Noah Wilson
Hunter Morrow
Cody Price
Brittney Groomer
Jacqulyn Noel Ryan