Prepared by: Larry Curl

Report created on May 18, 2019


The Indiana General Assembly adjourned sine die on April 24, 2019, 1349 bills were filed, with a total of 292 enacted..


The Indiana Fire Service saw several fire service related bills presented this year with many of them becoming law.


The IVFA had one bill that we were particularly interested in and hoped would become law, HB1064 IVY TECH COMMUNITY COLLEGE but even with a house vote onthat passed yeas 84, nays 14 we were unable to get a committee hearing in the Senate Appropriations Committeeand we were unable to get a reason even after conversation and communications by many of you who we ask to contact the Senate Pro- Tem Senator Bray and Committee Chair Senator Mishler.


If you live in their districts I suggest that during the summer you might ask for a reason this bill could not get a hearing and what is the chance of it coming back next year.


A full list of bills that were tracked by the IVFA and the status of the bills are listed below.


Again this year the IVFA submitted the names of 64 of our members who in 2019 reached the milestone of celebrating 50 years of service

Frye honors Hoosier volunteer firefighters for 50+ years of service

Thursday, April 11, 2019 State Rep. Randy Frye (R-Greensburg) honors Indiana volunteer firefighters with a resolution for over 50 years of service Thursday, April 11, 2019, at the Statehouse. Frye recognizes the tireless contributions and sacrifices these brave individuals face to bring safety and security to Indiana communities.

Thanks to Representative Randy Frye, IVY TECH, President Sue Ellspermann,, and the Indiana Commission on Higher Education we have been granted a two year period where we will be able to offer to Volunteer Fire Fighters (those members who are active within a Volunteer Fire Department) an opportunity to apply for a 2 year degree at no charge through IVY TECH.

At the time of this posting the details of this program is still in development and hopefully we can have some details worked out by our state convention, when we will host a round table discussion during our annual meeting on Friday June 14th including the IVFA, Rep Randy Frye, a representative from IVY TECH and a representative from the Commission on Higher Education. If you are attending this years convention (of just coming up for the annual meeting)  you wont want to miss this question and answer session.

Bills tracked by the IVFA in 2019


HB1064 IVY TECH COMMUNITY COLLEGE. (FRYE R) Establishes the Ivy Tech Community College public safety officer scholarship program. Provides that a public safety officer may be eligible for a scholarship for educational costs of completing a certificate program or associate degree program at Ivy Tech Community College. Establishes the Ivy Tech public safety scholarship fund.

 Current Status:    4/16/2019 - DEAD BILL; Fails to advance by Senate 3rd reading deadline for House bills (Rule 79(b))



HB1177 TOWNSHIP GOVERNMENT ISSUES. (ZIEMKE C) Requires a township to prepare a capital improvement plan for at least the ensuing three years if the balance in certain capital improvement funds in the preceding year exceeds both of the following: (1) 150% of the township's annual budget estimate. (2) $200,000. Prohibits the township from collecting property taxes for certain capital improvement funds in the ensuing year unless the township has adopted a capital improvement plan. Allows a township to make a one time transfer of an excess balance or part of an excess balance between township funds. Provides that the transfer may not be completed until after the township adopts a capital improvement plan, if the township is required to adopt a capital improvement plan. Requires the transfers must be completed not later than September 1, 2020. Provides that if an eligible municipality petitions an adjacent township to accept the transfer of the territory of the eligible municipality that is within the transferor township, the legislative body of the adjacent township must accept transfer of the territory of an eligible municipality within two years (instead of one year) after the legislative body receives the petition. Repeals a provision that prohibits the transfer of territory from taking effect in the year before a federal decennial census is conducted.

 Current Status:    4/29/2019 - SIGNED BY GOVERNOR



HB1182 WORKER'S COMPENSATION. (LEHMAN M) Provides that, for worker's compensation purposes, an employee who leaves work to serve as a volunteer firefighter or member of a volunteer emergency medical services association (volunteer member) is considered an employee of the firefighting unit while in the performance of duties as a volunteer firefighter or volunteer member. Increases the maximum amount of burial expenses that an employer must pay under the worker's compensation act for the burial expenses of a covered employee who dies from an injury by an accident arising out of the employee's employment from $7,500 to $10,000. Increases the maximum amount of burial expenses that an employer must pay under the worker's occupational diseases compensation act for the burial expenses of an employee who dies from an occupational disease arising out of the employee's employment from $7,500 to $10,000.

 Current Status:    5/1/2019 - SIGNED BY GOVERNOR



HB1185 BUNKHOUSE SAFETY REQUIREMENTS. (NEGELE S) Defines "bunkhouse". Provides that, before January 1, 2021, the commission may adopt rules to exempt bunkhouses from being required to be equipped with an automatic fire sprinkler system.

 Current Status:    4/24/2019 - SIGNED BY GOVERNOR



HB1342 TELEPHONE CPR INSTRUCTION TRAINING. (BACON R) After July 1, 2020, requires an individual to complete a telephone cardiopulmonary resuscitation (T-CPR) training program (program) approved by the division of fire and building safety (division) if the individual: (1) answers 911 emergency medical telephone calls for a state or local law enforcement agency or fire protection agency, including a volunteer fire department (agency); and (2) is authorized by the agency's protocols to provide T-CPR instructions to a caller. Provides that the division may provide programs or third parties may provide programs that are approved by the division. Requires the division to: (1) adopt minimum standards for programs that meet or exceed evidence based nationally recognized emergency cardiovascular care guidelines; and (2) establish continuing education requirements. Allows the division to collect reasonable fees for providing programs and certifications that are deposited in the fire and building services fund. Sets forth certain requirements for a public safety answering point if a public safety answering point transfers a telephone caller to a public safety telecommunicator. Provides that a public safety telecommunicator who has completed a certified training program in emergency medical dispatch call handling is exempt from completing a T-CPR training program. Provides civil immunity for damages relating to the provision of T-CPR instruction. Makes a technical correction.

 Current Status:    4/18/2019 - SIGNED BY GOVERNOR



HB1517 CHARITY GAMING. (SMALTZ B) Repeals the current charity gaming article and replaces it with a reorganized and revised charity gaming article. Raises the prize limits for when a qualified organization is not required to obtain a license for an allowable activity. Consolidates the current license types into an annual activity license, single activity license, convention raffle license, and annual affiliate license. Creates an expedited application processing fee. Repeals the door prize limits and qualified drawings. Renames the comprehensive charity gaming license to the annual affiliate license. Revises fee tables for license renewals.

 Current Status:    4/18/2019 - SIGNED BY GOVERNOR



SB221 TOWNSHIP MERGERS. (KOCH E) Eliminates the requirement that one member of the township board of a merged township must reside within each of the townships that merged.

 Current Status:    4/24/2019 - DEAD BILL: Fails to advance by conclusion of 2019 legislative session



SB248 DISTRIBUTIONS OF PUBLIC SAFETY INCOME TAX REVENUE. (NIEMEYER R) Requires the distribution of public safety local income tax revenues to a township that provides fire protection or emergency medical services (other than a township in Marion County). Permits a qualified fire protection territory and a qualified fire protection district (other than in Marion County) to be eligible to receive distributions of public safety local income tax revenues.

 Current Status:    4/15/2019 - DEAD BILL; Fails to advance by House 3rd reading deadline for Senate bills (Rule 148.1)



SB270 RECUSAL OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS. (HEAD R) Provides that county, city, town, and township elected officials (local officials) may not, outside of a public meeting: (1) participate in a discussion or a vote; or (2) persuade the vote of another elected official of the unit; if the local official has a financial interest in the outcome of a decision before the body the local official serves. Provides that an elected official has a financial interest if the decision involves: (1) the transfer or authorized use of property owned or controlled by the elected official or a relative of the elected official; or (2) the procurement of services by the unit from the elected official, the elected official's employer or prospective employer, the elected official's relative, or an entity the elected official owns or controls. Provides that if disqualification of a body's members prevent a vote from being taken or cause a tie vote, the decision will be made or the tie broken by the following: (1) The mayor, in the case of a city legislative body. (2) The clerk-treasurer, in the case of a town legislative body. (3) The township trustee, in the case of a township legislative body. (4) The county fiscal body, in the case of a county executive body. (5) The county executive, in the case of a county fiscal body.

Current Status:    4/15/2019 - DEAD BILL; Fails to advance by House 3rd reading deadline for Senate bills (Rule 148.1)

Check back often on our Legislative page for updates and to see what bills have been filed and what bills will be added to the IVFA Bill Watch list.

We will be calling on you to reach out to your House and or Senate Member during this session to make calls, sent emails, talk with them about legislation that we need support for or a vote against.

It truly makes a difference in the outcome of legislation on behalf of the IVFA, our membership and those we serve.

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Larry Curl
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